Gyprcokers are specialists in plasterboard for feature walls

Gyprockers are experts in designing and installation of shadow line ceilings. When your home has bulkheads and you want ultra-sleek finish for your residence, instead of the square set to theceilings and walls, you can’t simply ignore the role of the shadowline ceilings and
cornices available in Sydney.

Shadowline ceilings and shadowline cornicescornicesare increasingly in demand because they feature clean, contemporary lines, which are suitable for the minimalist styles of modern and stylish homes.

Shadowline ceiling, Sydney
Shadowline ceilings are perfect for upmarket retail outlets and also commercial properties, giving a high tech and sleek finish to interiors.
Apart from being the stylish choice for feature walls, shadowline ceilings are a suitable alternative to the square set walls and ceilings.
Several architects and along with designers are in favour of square set designs do not have cornices, but these are really difficult to build, especially when the walls and the ceilings are aligned improperly. Presently there are solutions to fix the issues pertaining to frequent cracking – a problem, often unavoidable.
So shadowline ceilings are the perfect solution and a very stylish design feature, when you want a minimalist and sleek finish for the décor or the walls and the ceiling that are not angled well enough for the square set design. They make for a great choice for
bulkheads, since they are easy to install and also make for a contemporary and stylish feature for designer bulkheads.
Shadowline ceilings along with cornices are truly one of the most renowned wallretaining ideas. However it requires an expert touch alongside high-end skill to achieve the desired outcome. At Gyprockers, our team of plasterers are well known fortheir craftsmanship and their ability to achieve a high end look for competitive prices.

Many architects and designers like square set designs that are free of cornices, but these can be very difficult to achieve,
particularly when the walls and ceilings are out of alignment. Current solutions to fix these issues, frequently result in
unsightly cracking – a problem which is often unavoidable.

Fire rated plasterboard, Sydney
If you are looking for shadowline ceilings forcommercial fitout, then our team is the best to supply you with highest quality services and materials. We can install fire rated plasterboard which complies fully with the Australian Standards.

For more information on fire rated plasterboard, shadowline ceilings or feature wall ideas in Sydney, call Gyprockers0417 417 400.

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